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IOS 14 Release Date :

Apple released the new version IOS 14 in June 2020 during the press conference held, ios14 was released in September 2020

IOS 14 features

features of  IOS 14 :

1.   Home Page :  

The "New widgets" in the version provide information about the screen You can add different shapes and sizes

 You can also choose the Smart Stack feature, which features a health tool based on time, as its content changes according to the time of the day.

you can add a folder consisting of a maximum of 10 applications and display it on the main scree

App library feature, which organizes the display of Applications and accessibility.

2.compact phone call : 

Finally, the caller can receive the incoming call while navigating another application through the integrated design with the Picture-in-Picture feature.


3.   Show video in popup :

 The ability to continue watching the video or continue a video call via Face Time while using another application, so that the video or video call appears in a small pop-up window on the side of the screen Picture in Picture Screen size can also be changed.


4.Messages app :

Pin conversations: Conversations can be pinned to the top for easy access, with the ability to view messages directly.

Embedded replies: you can reply directly to a specific message in group chats.

Group photos: a feature that allows users to add a picture or visual identity to group conversations, with the ability to add emoji

IOS 14

5.Apple Maps :


For cyclists : Cyclists can obtain appropriate paths and routes for bicycles, with the ability to check street congestion and set the path to avoid steep inclines or stairs, with alerting the user when there is a slope or ladder that requires getting off the bike and walking, and the Maps application also provides voice guidance for cyclists through Apple Watch Apple Watch.

For electric cars : The system provides information on charging stations in the itinerary and calculates the charging time when calculating the expected trip time, and once the electric car is added to the iPhone, the Maps application can track things such as the current charging and the type of charger to give the user the best route.

Speed cameras : Alert the user when approaching speed cameras on the road, and enables you to know the location of the cameras on the map.


6.Translate :

 IOS 14  includes translation between 11 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese and others...


Conversations : The user can translate conversations in different languages, by turning the phone to landscape mode and clicking the microphone button.

Offline translation: this feature allows the user to take advantage of all the features of the application after downloading the languages he wants to translate from and to.

Dictionary : The user can click on any word to find out its meaning through the dictionary built into the application.


7.Siri voice assistant improvements :

 The voice assistant appears as a circular ball at the bottom with the results displayed in a small window at the top of the screen, and Apple says that Siri is now able to answer a larger number of questions and inquiries based on the results available on the web, in addition to the ability to send voice messages directly, as well as the ability to ask Siri for directions while on the bike, with translation support between more languages .


IOS 14 features

8.Safari browser improvements :


The browser comes with translating websites in seven different languages.

The browser offers faster performance in processing JavaScript applications.

Check and monitor saved passwords, so that the user gets a warning when using a hacked password leaked online

Privacy Report: A feature that allows the user to easily identify the sites that track their online browsing behavior.


9.Privacy Features :

 App Store Privacy Information: The user can see information about each app on the App Store to help them maintain their privacy before installing and using them.

Replace the sign in with other services to sign in with Apple ID: The user can easily switch to sign in with Apple when logging in to apps, where the user can keep his account with a more secure password.

Recording indicator: It is one of the best new privacy features in iOS 14, so that the user appears at the top of the screen when using any application for the microphone or camera, which prevents any application from recording audio or filming with the camera without the user’s permission.

 Share Approximate location : A feature that allows the user to share an approximate location instead of their exact geographic location, which Apple says is ideal for apps such as news apps and weather apps.

Limited access to photo library: Only specific items or albums can be selected when an app requests access to photos instead of granting access to the entire photo library.

 Alert the user when an app accesses the clipboard: iOS 14 alerts the user when an app tries to copy something from the clipboard or previously copied text history

10.    Quick access to apps and tasks :

 Back Tap is a feature that allows the user to tap in a certain way to perform a custom task. The user can tap twice to screenshot or lock the phone. The feature can also be used for quick access to shortcuts, which provides a wide range of options, such as tap on the back side twice to send a message via whatsApp, Tweet on Twitter, or control the lighting of the house.

11.    The default browser email app :

 Possibility to set external applications as default application

Set the Chrome browser as the default browser for the system instead of Safari, which allows the user to open links directly in Chrome, and the user can also set the Gmail or Hey application, for example, as the default email application, so that the application can be opened directly when clicking on a button or link to send a mail message electronic.

12.    Use iPhone as a car key :

 iPhone phones can be relied upon as a digital key for the car, through the phone, the car can be opened and started. The digital car keys can also be shared with family members or friends through messages with the ability to cancel participation at any time. Participation can also be restricted, which is the appropriate feature when sharing the car with children The acceleration, top speed, and even the volume of the speakers can be restricted.

13.    Smart Device Control and Home App :

Suggestions for automation: While adding a new smart home device, the Home app suggests useful ways to turn it on automatically, for example turning on the lights in a room by evening.

Suggestions to control smart devices: It appears in the control center based on the time, number of times of use, etc., a suggestion appears to control the door lock when arriving at the house.

Facial recognition for cameras: User can get alerts when someone arrives.

Activity areas for video cameras: the user can define areas of activity that focus on the most important areas that the camera sees, so that he is only alerted when there is movement in the area he has set.

 Automatically adjust smart light: Colored light bulbs can be adjusted in color and brightness. automatically throughout the day.

Apple devices that support IOS 14 :

Phones that support IOS 14 starting from the iPhone 6s 

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