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Samsung is known to be one of the best companies on the throne of smartphones and accessories and on electronic devices in general

Today's headset is from smartwatches and the manufacturer of it as mentioned by Samsung International, where we review the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 as follows:


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review:


The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was released in two types 40 mm-44mm, which were also issued with two different weights weighing 26 grams - 30 grams


the screen of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 : Super AMOLED

storage : 4GB

RAM: 768 – 1.5 GB RAM

 Battery: 247 – 340 mAh

Battery life : 24-60 hours, depending on workouts and display

Color : silver – black – pink

Operating system: Tizen OS 4.0

water resistance : swimming resist

connection : Bluetooth 5 - LTE

processor : Dual-core Exynos 9110

For measuring heart rate : Yes

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 watch shape and design:


The watch bracelet is made of leather... For a more comfortable feeling during the practice of daily life, especially during sleep, the material made of it the watch bracelet helps not to slip during daily activities it is very comfortable all day so that most of the time you will not feel it

The watch is water resistant up to a depth of 5 meters, the clock is very special during swimming, bathing and other daily practices, it does not constitute a barrier from contact with water or fear of damage to the clock

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 operating system


· The rear cover of the watch has a heart rate sensor ... The company indicated that it gives high-resolution results

The watch is  with several other features, including sensors such as: acceleration sensor, pressure measurement sensor, GPS and sleep , light sensor

The watch operating system runs basic programs such as calorie counters, mapping and other applications

The watch works on android, IOS, but the watch makes the most of android, through which you can control payments through the speaker as well as control your home devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Fitness :

· The watch has more than 35 fitness modes such as walking, cycling, swimming and many more...

The watch only tracks the movement of the hand unfortunately for example you do not follow accurately if the sports activity does not require the movement of the hand ... As the exercises that need to move the hand the headset follows them but the one that does not require it the watch does not follow it

· All the data collected by the watch through various modes is directly linked to the health app on the Samsung Health app.

· One of the most important features of watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is sleep tracking, where the number of hours of sleep and waking times is collected and whether sleep is deep  .

 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Price:

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