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Apple continues to shine in the field of electronic devices, especially in the field of smartphones, and continues to offer smartwatches and headphones as well.

we'll talk today about airpods pro which is one of the best popular hardware in the world.

Apple airpods pro headphones are water resistant

 The headset is splash and sweat resistant for easy use with exercises and daily activities


airpods pro waterproof
airpods pro waterproof 

airpods pro noise cancellation :

The  relies on the external microphone to detect external noise and block it from the user's ear and the internal microphone to prevent any noise leaking from the external microphone where the noise blocking system works to approximately 200 times per second to connect to block the sound as much as possible.

Transparency Mode noise insulation can hear external noise and you can also block loud, annoying sounds


 airpods pro waterproof 

The headset is splash and sweat resistant for easy use with exercises and daily activities.


airpods pro Battery and runtime:

The battery life is very good compared to other airpods with a hearing life of 4.5 hours while the reliability noise feature is activated, but if the feature is cancelled, the airpods battery lasts up to 5 hours and the reason for the increased battery life is the H1 chip.

Airpods pro cargo box supports wireless charging


The way to control the airpods pro :

: Long pressure: activate noise insulator and transparency

One click: turn on, stop, answer the call, end the call. 

Two pressures: go back to the past

Three compressions: next


 Airpods pro flexibility :

come in a generational form and in high quality materials The body that is directly connected to the ear has a silicone piece and it has different measurements to fit your ear to avoid the problems contained


airpods pro price : 


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